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Complimentary Reviews of X-rays/MRI

For patients who don't live the area Dr. McLaughlin offers complimentary review of radiographic studies including xrays, MRI's, and cat scans. Copies of reports should be included with the studies.

Images should be sent to the office on compact disc. Copies of the images can almost always be obtained and placed on compact disc from the imaging center. Please send only copies, as the studies will not be returned.

Again, make sure that the images of MRI's or CAT scans are accompanied by a written report. Also provide contact information for Dr. McLaughlin (phone number and address).

Please allow 5-7 days for review and follow up contact from our office.

Review of radiographic studies does not replace an office visit and physical examination. You may be asked to come to the office for a formal evaluation.

Please send studies as well as completed form below to:

Dr. Robert McLaughlin
North Shore Shoulder, LLC
900 Cummings Center, Suite 130-U
Beverly, MA 01915

Shoulder MRI & X-ray review formShoulder MRI & X-ray review form

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