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The mission of North Shore Shoulder is to provide world class orthopedic shoulder care in a private practice, community setting. Our goal is to offer exceptional care at a convenient location. This includes caring for disorders of the rotator cuff, impingement, arthritis, labral and biceps pathology, frozen shoulder as well as shoulder instability.

We understand that our patient's time is very valuable. We are therefore dedicated to seeing patients in a timely fashion and being held accountable if patient visits are delayed. Dr. McLaughlin has held to this standard over the last eight years in his previous practice and plans to continue.

We pledge to see all new patients directly referred by physicians the same day, or by the end of the next business day. For patients attempting to make an initial appointment for an acute injury, we pledge to see them within 3 business days.

We understand that we are part of the North Shore community. One of our future goals is to provide care to all members of the community, realizing that not all members may carry adequate insurance. We hope that in moving forward we will be able implement such a plan.

We feel very privileged to be involved in the care of patients from our community. We realize that people have a choice in today's medical environment. For those who choose North Shore Shoulder, we promise to provide the best care possible; every patient, every time.

Robert E. McLaughlin II, MD
President and Founder
North Shore Shoulder

Robert E. McLaughlin II, MD - North Shore Shoulder Robert E. McLaughlin II, MD - North Shore Shoulder
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