Dr. McLaughlin invents new anchor

Dr. McLaughlin has used his knowledge of shoulder anatomy and function to create a new knotless anchor for both rotator cuff repair and labral repair, the Knotilus Loop implant system.

Traditionally, these repairs required the tying of knots with sutures for fixation. Recently knotless fixation has been introduced, creating strong, lower profile repairs.

Dr. McLaughlin came up with the prototype device for knotless fixation of rotator cuff and labral repairs. He brought his idea to Stryker Corporation, the world largest orthopedic device manufacturing company. Stryker was impressed with the concept and working with Dr. McLaughlin,  created the Knotilus Loop implant system.

The Knotilus Loop implant system gained FDA approval and was recently introduced to the US market.  To date, it has been the fastest selling product in the history of the division. The patent is pending.
Dr. McLaughlin continues to work on a number of projects with Stryker in their joint preservation division, creating new and innovative products for shoulder surgery.

Click one of the links below to watch an operative video of the Knotilus Loop implant system.

Labral Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair