Patient Testimonials

By - TS

I'm a 42 year old man who was suffering from a bone spur that caused the tearing of one of the tendons of my rotator cuff. I work in the Forestry industry so needless to say my job is very physically demanding. Also I love what I do and the thought of being out of work for an extended period of recovery was daunting. Dr. McLaughlin, being a true credit to his field, set my mind at ease with his knowledge, experience and high level of confidence during this stressful period of time. Equal credit is due to his surgical team who continually made me laugh before putting me under for a short 50 minute procedure.

By - DC

Dr. McLaughlin is a great surgeon. I had rotator cuff surgery in January 2019 and I’m back on the golf course. I would highly recommend him for any shoulder issues you may have. Not only is he an excellent surgeon, he makes sure you are well informed of your options. Don’t look any further than Dr McLaughin at North Shore Shoulder.

By - CG

I had rotator cuff surgery by Dr. McLaughlin on January 4. I was prepared to suffer a long recovery but 2.5 months later I am beyond happy with the results! I have a few more PT sessions, but I am feeling the pain ease up every week. Having the procedure at the outpatient center was beyond my expectation, in and out in half a day. Wow!

By - GK

I have had rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders in the past 12 years. Dr. McLaughlin performed both. The procedures went without complication, the follow-up was thorough and my recovery after physical therapy was complete. Dr. McLaughlin is in my opinion, a very competent and caring physician. His knowledge of the shoulder and its complicated treatment is extensive and his skill in the art of surgery, second to none. I would (and have) recommend him to all in need of shoulder injury treatment.

By - BM

Dr. McLaughlin, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful rotator cuff repair. I waited over 2 years to have my shoulder examined and the pain was becoming unbearable. I couldn't even hold 3 lbs with my arm extended. I was heading to New England Baptist Hospital, but my primary care physician recommended you strongly and I'm happy I made the switch. After the surgery when the nerve block wore off, all the pain I previously experienced was gone. Also, regarding post-op prescription meds, I took half doses for 2 days followed by 2 days of Advil. I was expecting post-op pain, but it never materialized to my amazement. Thank you again for your skill and follow up care!

By - DP

I wanted to give you an update. Less than a year after my rotator cuff surgery I completed the Tough Ruck Marathon - 26.2 miles with a 40 pound pack. Thanks again Dr. McLaughlin - You are AWESOME !

By - WH

Dr. McLaughlin performed a Rotator Cuff Repair on me back in November 2017. It was done so well that my recovery went amazingly fast and was basically painless. He develops a good professional relationship letting you know what to expect through the entire procedure as well as the after care. Thanks for the GREAT job and if I ever need work done again...I will be back!

By - MH

I would highly recommend Dr. McLaughlin and his team. I had surgery for a full thickness rotator cuff tear and everything has gone extremely well. If you think the best doctors are only in Boston, think again.

By - AC

My experience was one of quality care with Dr. Robert E. McLaughlin II,MD... professional, caring, and trustworthy. I would recommend Dr. McLaughlin highly for getting the job done. My rotator cuff surgery was a great success. Thanks to him and his awesome staff I was back on the mend and back to work in a few months time.Thank- You for being the best Rotator Cuff Surgeon. My shoulder is strong and I have no more pain!!!! So, if you want the best of care call Dr. Robert E.McLaughlin II,MD you'll be glad you did. Trust me I know first hand!

By - SS

I've been suffering with shoulder pain for the last 20+ years constantly rolling from side to side in bed to get relief. Dr. McLaughlin quickly determined I had a complete tear of the rotator cuff as well as a frayed biceps tendon which was noticed during surgery and repaired as well. It has been 3 months since my surgery and I am back doing demolition. My shoulder feels amazing no more aches or pains.
I can't say enough about the quality of care I received from Dr. McLaughlin as well as his professional staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Mclaughlin to anyone considering having shoulder surgery. I never should have waited so long to have this done! Thank you Dr. McLaughlin!

By - GD

I am a carpenter and after 35 years of work I tore my rotator cuff and biceps lifting something too heavy at home. After waiting 3 months to have it looked at I finally went to a highly recommended orthopedic surgeon who did things the old fashion way by going under the knife. I told him I wanted it done arthroscopically. He recommended that I see Dr. Mclaughlin. Dr. Mclaughlin had repaired his torn rotator cuff. My doctor is also a rock climber and wouldn't have anyone except Dr. Mclaughlin fix his tear. Dr. Mclaughlin did a great job on mine too. I have met many of his patients who also speak very highly of him. Once again Thank You Dr. Mclaughlin for giving me my livelihood back. You and your staff were very professional.

By - ED

Hello, my name is E.D. I had been suffering for a long time with so much shoulder pain I had to use pain management medicines that I would have to take laxatives throughout the week just to survive.... after a long time of many professional opinions I just could not trust anyone surgeon..... so here I am at an A.A.meeting and one of my fellow brothers in the program hears me talking about how I can't do what my passion is as far as earning a living. That is being a barber for 35 years.

He says to me I have the best doc for you to go see.... I say oh ya... I've heard that before... he says go and see Dr. Mclaughlin out of Beverly.... I said to myself whatever.... then of course I let time pass by... you all know how it is we don't fix stuff until the pain is great enough.... sad but true...
I finally get to his office.... and I meet this doctor.... I said to my girlfriend who was with me this dude is way too young to be as good as my fellow brothers described...
Let me just say and this is putting it mildly.... doctor Robert McLaughlin is by far without a doubt they best shoulder surgeon in the east coast... hands down!!!!.... I was not convinced.... And so, I just googled best shoulder surgeon.... of course, his name came up.
That was it for me.... I immediately called him back.... spoke to the famous Jennifer, his awesome right-hand girl at the desk.... said it's time to book it jen. She was very happy to hear it....
My pain level was an 8 every day pre-surgery. Now after surgery I don't have to take any pain pills what so ever.... that makes me extremely happy because I hate living on pain meds....
My surgery date was November 18.2017 I had a torn rotator cuff.... biceps tear...... basically a new shoulder.... as of right now I have like 80 percent range of motion. And it's getting stronger every day.... oh, ya and a huge shout out to all his pre-op team behind where I had the surgery.... one nurse had the surgery I was getting ready to have.... he then was telling me that dr. Dr. Mclaughlin teaches all the Japanese surgeons. They fly to America to be trained by him... wow I also was impressed with that....
Listen don't doubt this dr... he is completely competent and friendly and is gifted by god... for real no bull.... get it done from no one else and you will be giving the same testimony.
Take care... god bless you Dr. Mclaughlin. You saved my shoulder!

By - MA

To say I was reluctant to have surgery would be an understatement. I wrecked a biceps tendon and ripped my rotator cuff in a bad ski fall. I tried hard to pretend it was fine, but it wasn't. PT didn't help and neither did the injection. Dr. Mclaughlin encouraged questions and he answered them all very patiently. He even answered the impossible question -- when will I be back to normal again? His answers about the procedure, the recovery, and the return to function were 100% correct. Zero surprises, which is how I like things.
The surgery was a piece of cake, I didn't need narcotics after the first day (although I did use a LOT of ice), I was back to work in a few days, and I was skiing again EXACTLY when he predicted I would be. It's been six months, and I'm back to normal. I sleep on the "bad" side all the time, pulled a heavy suitcase out of the car with that arm the other day, and I have to think to remember which shoulder was the sore one. I cannot believe how easy it all was, and cannot recommend Dr. Mclaughlin and his staff highly enough.

By - DP

For years I had a minor tear in the rotator cuff of my right shoulder. Over time and with activity the tear became much worse to the point of inhibiting my range of motion with significant pain. The diagnosis and repair of my condition were spot on. After recovery from my surgery performed at this incredible practice and much physical therapy, I have regained pain free full range of motion. The care and expertise of Dr. Mclaughlin and his staff are unparalleled and in my opinion there is no equal in this field. Thank you, Dr. Mclaughlin for getting me through what could have been one of the most horrific experiences of my life.

By - MH

I took a bad fall skiing in April and tore my rotator cuff, large full thickness tear. I had surgery two months later in June and 6 months later I feel great! Surgery went well and I was home the same day and resting comfortably. Twelve weeks of PT also went very well with very little pain. Overall I would rate my experience as excellent and would highly recommend Dr. Mclaughlin and his team!

By - DD

I would like to thank Dr. Mclaughlin and his staff for the wonderful treatment I received on my shoulder surgery. Not only was the surgery a success :) the encouragement I received from Gerry, the New England Surgery Center and their staff, made me realize I made the right decision with Dr Mclaughlin. I have two friends that used Dr Mclaughlin, with great results. I would recommend a visit if you are experiencing shoulder discomfort. I am 4 months from surgery and just received the okay to play tennis, ski and golf. Thank you Dr McLaughlin!

By - CF

Dr. McLaughlin, I just want you to know that I appreciate all of your care. It definitely helps me with my daily life and I smile more!

By - BD

Dr. McLaughlin is great. Whenever I need an appointment, they are flexible with my schedule. He is always caring and kind when it comes to treatments and with any visits.

By - SP

I had a medium to major shoulder injury at work... had a few things that tore and couldn't use my left arm at all. I was referred to Dr. McLaughlin back in 2011 thought my active days were over at only 21 years old. He litterally gave me my life back with this surgery. 9 months of PT and after 6 years I'm completely pain free. He did an amazing job such a nice man, caring straight forward and has a sense of humor :). I knew when I met him I could trust him he is a blessing! If you have to have surgery on your shoulder this is the doctor you need to trust, one and done. I want everyone in the USA to know how skilled and amazing this doctor is!!! I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication. You have restored my confidence in myself, my strength is almost now back to 75% normal. I can swim again! Thank you Dr. McLaughlin!!!!

By - DB

I highly recommend a visit to Dr. McLaughlin if you are having any type of shoulder pain. He and his staff are very professional, no waiting, quickly diagnosed and great follow up. In my case I was given a cortisone shot after some x-rays taken right in the office. A quick follow up appointment was scheduled to make sure I had no more pain. All in all, a great experience! Thank you Dr. McLaughlin!

By - TD

I wish to tell you about my experience at New England Surgery Center on March 9th 2017! I arrived promptly at 7:30 am for my shoulder arthroscopy, which was scheduled for 8:30. I was greeted by Shawn who admitted me, and could not have been any more friendly and upbeat. She was so cool, and got me off to a smooth start. Within five minutes I was brought in and handed over to my pre-surgery nurses, Deena and Kendra. These two young women were awesome! Their demeanor was professional yet warm, and very accommodating! I felt so at comfortable, even before I met Christine, the anesthesiologist, another pro with an infectious personality! She handled my gregarious nature with ease! Game time was fast approaching and I was getting anxious, but she was able to get me "relaxed." Doctor Mac stopped by to reassure me, and next thing I knew, surgery was over. I don't even remember being wheeled into the operating room! My post-op nurse was Rachel, and like everyone else I encountered this day, she was excellent! She takes her job seriously and it shows! Soon my wife arrived, and Rachel was helping her get me comfortably into our Jeep .... a perfect ending to a great experience! Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the staff at Dr. Mac's office. Jennifer, who sits at the window and does scheduling and paperwork, and fields the phone calls, along with Jerry, the medical assistant, and of course Dr. Mac, are all super friendly and very professional as well! I have bothered each of them on a couple occasions and was never once made to feel put off! Thanks to you and your entire staff, Dr. Mac, for everything you have done!!!

By - JS

If you have a rotator cuff issue, you will want to contact Dr. McLaughlin's office as soon as possible. Dr. McLaughlin spent the time with me, (2nd tear on my right shoulder) to go over my history, explaining the surgery and recovery. He also let me know up front that he may not be able to repair the entire tear, which I certainly appreciated knowing that before the surgery. The surgery went well but, as Dr. McLaughlin explained, my 2nd tear was not possible to fully repair. When I started PT Dr. McLaughlin also kept tabs on my progress. Dr. McLaughlin's staff in his office and surgical staff are wonderful, caring and respectful. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Dr. McLaughlin, he is top notch and you couldn't be in better hands

By - GJ

The whole experience was top notch and Dr. McLaughlin was great. Not to mention Gerry and Jen. I would 100 percent recommend going there for your shoulder. You will be very well taken care of. Thank you for everything.

By - RB

I am a 56 year old male that suffered from pain in my right shoulder after an ATV accident.
I was able to very quickly schedule an appointment with Dr. McLaughlin at North Shore Shoulder.
He evaluated my condition and diagnosed a torn rotator cuff. A MRI was scheduled by his office for after working hours.
The MRI results confirmed Dr. McLaughlin's diagnosis. I had the surgery on June 30th to repair the shoulder/biceps and was back to work less than 2 weeks later.
The staff at the surgical center along with Dr. McLaughlin were outstanding, telling me everything that was about to happen and what to expect next. I was home in my recliner shortly after noontime on the day of surgery. I was told after the shoulder block wears off I may be in pain, but I was never in severe pain and was able to control any discomfort with Ice and over the counter pain reliever. I did have a prescription for stronger pain reliever if needed.
I started Physical Therapy 2 times a week at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network in Tewksbury approximately 2 weeks after Surgery and showed very good results each visit. The staff there kept telling me that I must have had an outstanding surgeon based on the lack of pain and ability to increasingly improve shoulder/arm movement.
Less than 11 weeks later I can resume all daily activates with only heavy lifting restrictions. My shoulder feels great and I would highly recommend Dr. McLaughlin to anyone that needs shoulder surgery.
Thank You, Dr. McLaughlin and staff.

By - LR

Dear Dr. McLaughlin, You make the world a better place for all those whose lives you touch. Hope all the good care you give to others comes back to you. Thank you for fixing my shoulder.

By - PH

I had my right, totally torn rotator cuff, repaired by Dr. McLaughlin in 2010. I'm a nurse and I was back to work lifting heavy patients in three months. I was back golfing in three months. I just recently had my left shoulder repaired for a rotator cuff and biceps tear less than two weeks ago. I'm in physical therapy and have minimal pain. I plan on being back golfing and work in three months. He is awesome I would recommend him to anyone. I was recommended to him by another golfer at my club.

By - RJ

Absolutely perfect, I couldn't have hoped for better results

By - TG

My shoulder problem come out of nowhere. I saw Dr. McLaughlin and had rotator cuff surgery on Dec 17, 2015 at the surgical center. The treatment I received could not have been better. I was out of the sling in less than a month. I really didn't have any pain which was quite suprising. I've been in PT for almost 3 months and today, March 21, I had my last appointment with Dr. McLaughlin. I am back at the health club doing some light exercises and feeling really good. I can't say enough about the quality of care I received from him and his staff.

By - GD

I had extensive left shoulder repair in December 2010 and the same extensive repair to right shoulder in July 2015. Dr. McLaughlin and his staff are the best! I have referred friends and family to his practice over the years.

By - CB

I cannot have asked for a better doctor than Dr. McLaughlin. He took the time to get to know who I am and not all about the injury. How he also took the time to explain what type of shoulder injury I had and how it was to be fixed in detail. This was one of the best and amazing experiences I had ever had with a doctor. He put me at ease after the injury. The whole staff are amazing, always make you smile and feel happy even though you're injured.
I highly recommend Dr. McLaughlin to anyone with a orthopedic problem. Trust me you will have the same feeling and reactions as I did and will not be sorry. He is the best and always will be the best, hands down.

By - JS

Dr. McLaughlin was just wonderful. He always was very friendly and genuinely concerned for my well being. He performed surgery on my rotator cuff. Very professional and kind.

By - EP

I honestly can't say enough good things about Dr. McLaughlin and his entire staff. Never once did I wait for an appointment, I don't think I ever spent more than a minute in an exam room by myself, and the patient care was top tier. I think my experience with North Shore Shoulder was my best experience with any health care providers or professionals. Not only was the doctor informative and supe...r friendly and knowledgeable, but his front office staff might just be the nicest staff of all time, his PAs are amazing, Jerry was great, and everything felt customized. I never felt like just another injury going through the motions of repair, Dr. McLaughlin made sure I understood what exactly was wrong with my body, how we were going to fix it, and how we were going to rehab it. I had my surgery in May and can happily say I haven't seen the doc since August/September and I have been better and better every day since. North Shore Shoulder's standard of excellence is one I would love to see emulated in other practices!

By - WM

I was referred to Dr. McLaughlin by Seacoast Orthopedics to repair a substantial rotator cuff tear. At my pre-surgery consult, Dr. McLaughlin told me I'd be playing golf in three months. I just saw Dr. McLaughlin for my three- month follow-up and the first thing I did when I got home was grab my 7-iron and take my first swings in a long time and I felt great doing it! Thanks to Dr. McLaughlin's handiwork and then sticking to his post- surgery plan I've made great strides. My physical therapist tells me I've already got better range of motion than many ever get after this type of repair. I've been sleeping through the night for some time now. Before the surgery I never slept an entire night after the injury.
I'd recommend Dr. McLaughlin to anyone needing shoulder surgery! Not only has the repair healed quickly, but Dr. McLaughlin always took the time to explain things and answer my questions. The day surgery team at the hospital was wonderful, including a nerve block that kept me pain free for the immediate 24 hours after surgery. Dr. McLaughlin's web site referred me to Legacy Physical Therapy in Amesbury where my therapist, Abigail White DPT (Doctorate of PT), has done an outstanding job of getting me back in golfing shape! While I can't recommend a torn rotator cuff but I do recommend this team to get it fixed up with a minimal amount of pain and a short recovery time.

By - SN

Dr. McLaughlin, it's been a year since surgery was performed on my shoulder...I have never never felt better!! Thank you and I have referred many people to come see you :)

By - DD

I had been having trouble with my shoulder for years. I had cortisone injections, physical therapy and medications and it only got worse. This past year I saw Dr McLaughlin and he found a rotator cuff tear which was missed earlier on an MRI by another physician. I had the surgery done and I am so happy with the results. It is a very tough surgery and long recovery but Dr McLaughlin is fantastic. He explains everything to you and what to expect. He answers any concerns and sees you regularly to make sure of your progress. I have recently been discharged as I have full range of motion and no pain at all. I feel fabulous. I can do things now I couldn't do before surgery. I am so pleased with the outcome and felt so well taken care of through the entire process.

By - SP

I initially injured my left shoulder in December 2012. Over the next year I tried continuing with my normal activities, but the injury became worse over time. Finally in December 2013 my left shoulder gave out. I went to see my PCP who advised me to try going to physical therapy. After 8 sessions over 4 weeks and no progress I had an MRI done. That's when Dr McLaughlin was recommended to me. After reviewing the results of my MRI Dr McLaughlin advised me that, do to the extent of the injury my best option would be to have surgery. So I agreed and we scheduled it at the New England Surgery Center, which is also located in the same building as Dr McLaughlin's practice. From the time I arrived for my surgery, and until I was discharged, everyone worked hard to make sure I was comfortable, and explained everything.
They were wonderful. After I awoke after surgery Dr McLaughlin was right there to check on me, and explain in detail what I needed to do for the next 5 day's until my post surgery appointment. As for after the surgery? Like others have already said, having to deal with the sling setup took some getting use too, but compared to the pain I was in before the surgery, it was a joy to wear! I'm now going on 3 months of physical therapy, and several follow ups with Dr McLaughlin. I'm back to enjoying my life again, and I can honestly say, I can't thank Dr McLaughlin and his Staff enough for all they did, and I highly recommend North Shore Shoulder to anyone dealing with any type of shoulder issues.

By - BT

Thanks very much for my terrific surgical experience. You, your team and the folks at Beverly Hospital made it a smooth and amazingly professional process. I feel great about my shoulder procedure.

By - GF

In February 2013 I saw Dr McLaughlin for significant right shoulder pain and limited mobility. Three weeks later he performed arthroscopic surgery and I was back to work in 2 weeks. I was so pleased with the results I went back to see Dr McLaughlin in April 2014 to see if he could fix my left shoulder. Again he performed his shoulder magic and my pain is gone and I am able to sleep at night and work during the day. I highly recommend Dr McLaughlin and his dedicated staff.

By - SV

I had right rotator cuff surgery in 1998 by a doctor with not so great results. So, when my left shoulder bothered me recently, I had some trepidation with surgery but I met with Dr. McLaughlin; had an MRI and had to have the surgery, which was done on January 16, 2014. He did a phenomenal job; did my rehab; have 95% range of motion; building the strength back nicely; actually golfed well on April 14 (only 3 months). I feel so good that I wanted to take a moment to highly recommend Dr. McLaughlin for any shoulder issues. Thanks for the great results and friendship.

By - JB

In August of 2013, Dr. McLaughlin operated on my left shoulder to repair a complete tear of my rotator cuff. In December of 2013 Dr. McLaughlin performed the same procedure on my right shoulder. Both procedures were very successful. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. McLaughlin to all who have shoulder problems. He's the greatest!!
Thank you Dr. McLaughlin

By - GS

After tearing my rotator cuff in a skiing accident, I had surgery performed by Dr. McLaughlin in November. Other than the inconvenience of wearing a sling for four weeks, the experience was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. The pain was minimal. I never took any of the pain medication that was prescribed. It is now three months after the operation and I'm doing most of the things that I was doing before the accident, including swimming.

By - RL

I had very Extensive damage to my left shoulder. I met with Dr. McLaughlin and surgery was scheduled on 8/22/13. Today I am free from therapy and have been back to work 6 weeks after surgery. I would and have recommended Dr. McLaughlin to anyone looking for a shoulder surgeon.

By - NC

Following an accident in which I sustained a massive tear to my right rotator cuff, I was advised to be seen by Dr. Robert McLaughlin at North Shore shoulder in Beverly, Massachusetts
The appointment was scheduled. I was evaluated by him and the surgical date was set at the New England Surgery Center for April 4, 2013.
I feel fortunate to have met him in privileged to have had his expertise in treating this problem
He was always professional and supportive, no questions were left unanswered. He treats people with dignity and offers continuous encouragement.
I cannot say enough favorable comments regarding Dr. McLaughlin and his office staff. It was evident from the first day that I entered that I had made the right decision in seeking his help.
The entire experience was perfect, including the OR staff who work closely with Dr. McLaughlin.
I have and will continue to mention Dr McLaughlin to anyone who happens to be seeking help with this type of problem.

By - GR

I was referred to Dr. McLaughlin this past spring for a right shoulder rotator cuff tear. He was conservative at first (which I would expect and want) by trying a shot of cortisone. Two months later with no improvement from the shot, he performed the rotator cuff repair surgery. I had little pain from the operation but had significant stiffness for the first two months. (Everyone is different). Then my condition dramatically improved with another cortisone shot and with active rang of motion in physical therapy. I am three months post sugery and starting to feel great with about 85% range of motion. I can't wait to get the golf club back in my hands next spring. A highly skilled Doctor and excellent staff.
Thanks again Doc!

By - PH

I had injured my shoulder several times and had put off having it looked at by a doctor. When I met Dr. McLaughlin he knew what was needed to make it better. Today 4 months after surgery I have more movement then I have had in 2 years. I will have full range of motion again.
Dr. McLaughlin is an excellent doctor and I fully recommend him.

By - MM

In June 2013 my shoulder was so sore I could barely use it. I was referred to Dr. McLaughlin at North Shore Shoulder. In July I went in for surgery. I had a left rotator cuff repair, a bicep repair and a shoulder bone spur removed. Recovery went smooth and 4 months later I am back in motion with little restriction. What a great team.
Thank you Dr. McLaughlin and staff!!!!

By - PS

I had been dealing with severe right shoulder pain for decades. I thought my body was compensating for a disability on my left side. Dr. McLaughlin explained that the pain was due to damage and surgery was necessary. He made me feel at ease regarding the surgery and recovery. At 8 weeks following my surgery, I am better than I was 20 years ago.
Thank you, Dr. McLaughlin!

By - SN

I had injured my right shoulder in 1993 let it heal on it's own for many years with the help of a few shots from my primary care. Low and behold it didn't last, what a surprise!!! in 2012 my dad took ill and with the constant lifting and helping once again the right shoulder gave way my husband had seen Dr. McLaughlin with great results so I figured why not see what is going on. Well it was a torn rotator cuff and biceps so with Dr. McLaughlin's great knowledge and skill I under went surgery and could not be happier. I am only 8 weeks out and have full range of motion with no pain for the first time in years. If you are thinking about the surgery don't hesitate and don't see any other surgeon. Doctor McLaughlin and his staff are exceptional.
Thank you doctor for pain free shoulder.

By - TD

It all started back in 1990 being dragged by a pony, injuring both shoulders and tearing both rotator cuffs. I didn't go see a doctor right away, although I should have, but I was too scared and proud. I let it heal, however when my left shoulder started bothering me in 2008, eighteen years later, it was suggested that I go see Dr. McLaughlin. Surgery and healing was hard at first but I just had to do it. The after effects of the surgery and healing of the shoulder was AMAZING! Before surgery I had a limited amount of motion and I didn't think it would turn out as well as it did, but the result was NO PAIN, 97% motion and everything is practically normal. Now I even forget that I had it done.
In 2013, five years later, the right shoulder started to bother me. So why wait, I called Dr. McLaughlin and told him that surgery was needed, and we got started right away. This time around I already knew what I was going to be in for. No babying it! Do what your doctor and physical therapist tell you to do. Do it even if it starts off slow, stiff and painful. Just try really hard!
What would I do without Dr. McLaughlin's knowledge, expertise, and skill? He's a quiet man, but if you see the man from within; he is always concerned, a good listener and always there for his patients! I had full confidence in him, especially the second time around! If you are deciding which doctor to choose, consider Dr. McLaughlin. I am glad he fell into my lap for a surgeon!
Thank you for new shoulders Dr. McLaughlin,

By - D.G.

On 6/28/12 I had rotator cuff surgery to my right shoulder, and also a repair to my biceps. In January of 2013, I had rotator cuff surgery to my left shoulder and also biceps repair. The healing process went smoothly and I am fully recovered thanks to Dr. McLaughlin. My daughter recommended him after her successful torn labrum surgery in 2011, she is also a happy patient.

By - RA

I am a 46-year-old baseball player and coach so my shoulders are very important to me. I tore the rotator cuff and biceps in both shoulders in an industrial accident. Both also had arthritis and impingements. Dr. McLaughlin repaired the left shoulder in December 2011, and the right in November 2012. After only four months, I'm already swinging a bat and soft-tossing overhand. I can now thank him for giving me back my ability to coach and play the sport I love.

By - RP

I had a rotator cuff surgical repair on 6/29/12. I re-injured it during a fall and had a second repair 8/30/12. I'm 6 months out with full range of motion and 90% of restored strength.
Dr. McLaughlin and his team are a gift to the profession. His office staff, exceptional!

Thank you.

By - RB

I had surgery on September 13, 2012 to repair a huge tear on my rotator cuff and today (four months later) I have full active use and mobility of my shoulder without restriction. Dr. McLaughlin's surgical skills are top notch.

By - CJ

I tore my rotator cuff and continued to work...I then tore my biceps... Dr. McLaughlin repaired everything and I am so happy! I cannot believe how much I depended on my shoulder. I am very much aware now and I am thankful for his skill. Also, I am very fair and you can barely see the marks from surgery! That is amazing! Thank you!

By - SW

My shoulder surgery was on September 27,2012. I didn't need pain medication after one week, and I slept in my own bed every night. My physical therapy went well, and I was back to normal just before Christmas. I feel fortunate to have had Dr. McLaughlin's expertise and skill, and his staff that always made me feel comfortable.
Ipswich, MA

By - MFS

I was injured while officiating an athletic event in late summer, 2012. Dr. McLaughlin performed rotator cuff surgery on Oct. 12th. I had respectfully requested three things of the doctor prior to the procedure:
1) I wanted to be able to hold my first grandchild, due in late Nov. Accomplished!
2) I wanted to dance at my son's wedding on Dec. 8th. Accomplished! And
3) I wanted to be ready to referee the '12-'13 high school basketball season. Accomplished! Dr. McLaughlin did a tremendous job. He is compassionate, caring, has an extremely nice way about him, and best of all, he is talented! Thank you so much.

By - C D

In June 2012 I had rotator cuff surgery performed by Dr. McLaughlin. Things could not have gone better! I highly recommend him to friends having shoulder problems. Everything went smoothly. Thank you.

By - B S

In July 2012 I had rotator cuff surgery--an acute tear. The surgery and recuperation went very smoothly with little pain. I have been extremely pleased with Dr. McLaughlin and his staff. I highly recommend him. Thank-You Dr. McLaughlin !

By - N S

After years of chronic shoulder pain I saw Dr. McLauglin. My diagnosis was torn rotator cuff and bisceps along with other stuff caused by bone spurr in shoulder. Successful surgery 7 weeks ago and great outcome. No pain and back to work within 4 days of procedure. Now, no sling and back to driving. PT is going well and critical to full recovery. Thanks to Dr. McLauglin I can look forward to golf and shoulder without pain.

I had my rotator cuff along with some other problems repaired on October 13th 2011. It's now 1-13-2012 and I am 98% back. Dr McLaughlin's techniques minimized my pain and down time. I talked to people in the medical field and those of them that know Dr McLaughlin would only say " He is the the real deal ". I have and will continue to recommend Dr McLaughlin. Very important is physical therapy, and do what you are told!!

By - H S

I was so lucky and thankful to have been referred to Dr. Mclaughlin after falling. I had to have rotator cuff surgery and physical therapy. I am well on the way to recovery and would recommend the Dr. highly. He is a great surgeon and a very nice person.

By - S R

I fell off my icy deck last winter and an MRI confirmed a rotator cuff tear. I have always gone to Boston for serious medical care but after meeting Dr. McLaughlin I decided to do this locally. Wow! What a great
experience. Everything went along nicely. I have tiny incisions that are fading. I believe the Dr's techniques minimized my pain - and I am so grateful. He also listens well and is such a nice guy. I am doing PT and getting stronger quickly. I am so thrilled with this surgery. We are so lucky to have Dr M right here !

By - E T

My name is Eric. I am a person who works doing roofing and painting. Thanks to Dr. McLaughlin I'm back doing the work I love. He reconstructed both shoulders, and the results were outstanding. It took time to heal, but it was worth the wait. They feel as good as they did when I was in my 20's. I'm 60 now and life is good.

Thank you, Dr Robert McLaughlin, for your expertise in reconstruction. I would literally be a gimp for the rest of my life if not for you.
Yours Truly

By - P A

I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder in 2006 and again on my left in 2011. Both with Dr. McLaughlin. My experiences with him were very successful. He is compassionate, accessible...and has a wonderful bedside manor. I would strongly recommend him as a top shoulder specialist.

By - J L

Dr. McLaughlin is the third surgeon to work with me on repairing damage from chronic shoulder disease in both shoulders - and by far, the finest. His surgical skills (from the patient\'s perspective) are stellar - rapid recovery has been the key indicator. And without the Big Boston Hospital ego and bureaucracy!

By - R C

Dr. McLaughlin performed rotator cuff surgery on me in July. I now am doing great one month later. In my opinion, he is the best shoulder surgeon out there! Follow his instructions to the tee and end up feeling new just like me!

R.C. 8-18-11.

By - P V

Dr. McLaughlin repaired my right shoulder after a fall that tore my rotator cuff. I just got back from my 3 month appointment and I am doing great. He gave my the go ahead to start strength training at the gym on my own. I have been very happy with Dr. McLaughlin\'s surgery, service and staff. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with a shoulder injury.

By - L K

Dr. McLaughlin repaired my right rotator cuff in 2006. This year (2011) he repaired my left rotator cuff. After a couple of months, I have almost my full range of motion back. The surgery went smoothly, and there was very little pain to deal with. It went exactly the way he predicted it would.

By - S A

Doc, Good Luck with new practice. It was the best decision I made for you to do my surgery I have no problems as you said I wouldn't.
Thanks again

By - R C

In 2009, I was suffering severe pain in my right shoulder. After several months of physical therapy, I was finally recommended by my primary care physician to Dr. McLaughlin. He surgically repaired by right rotator cuff and in a short time, I was free of pain and fully recovered. I am now again a patient of Dr. Mclaughlin who in late May 2011 repaired my left shoulder rotator cuff. I know from experience that I will fully recover. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking treatment.

By - R N

I was suffering with shoulder and bicep pain for months and after receiving several very positive recommendations from relatives, friends and colleagues who had similar rotator cuff problems resulting in surgical repairs performed by Dr. Robert McLaughlin, I also sought his expertise. It was the best advice I could have been given. Dr. McLaughlin surgically repaired my rotator cuff and today, after only three months, I am once again able to use my arm and shoulder. Best of all I can get a full nights sleep. I highly recommend this professional if you are in need of a shoulder surgeon. He is the best!