Ultrasound for Rotator Cuff Tear Diagnosis

Dr. McLaughlin provides in office ultrasound for the diagnosis of rotator cuff and biceps pathology. Traditionally MRI has used to diagnose rotator cuff and biceps tendon tears, but recent advances in ultrasound technology has allowed for its use to evaluate both the rotator cuff and biceps tendon.

Dr. McLaughlin has been trained in the use of in office ultrasound and offers it to his patients as an alternative to MRI. Some patients, such as those with pacemakers and claustrophobia, are unable to obtain an MRI, and ultrasound provides a viable alternative.

The ultrasound can usually be performed during the scheduled office visit. This saves both time and money in possible co-pays that the patient may pay for an MRI.

Dr. McLaughlin will be able to determine if ultrasound evaluation would be appropriate. If not a traditional MRI may be ordered.