Workers Compensation

Shoulder injuries are very common in the workplace and Dr. McLaughlin has successfully treated hundreds of patients who have injured their shoulders at work. Disorders treated includes problems with rotator cuff, impingement, arthritis, labral and biceps pathology, frozen shoulder as well as shoulder instability. He also specializes in revision rotator cuff repair and revision labral repair for failed surgeries.

The goal of treatment is to provide an accurate diagnosis and implement a treatment plan to correct the problem. The patients' initial visit usually consists of diagnostic X-rays, a thorough history and physical examination. If there is any concern for a rotator cuff tear at the initial visit, Dr. McLaughlin may perform a diagnostic in-office ultrasound. In-office ultrasound is an efficient and accurate way to determine rotator cuff and biceps pathology, and can be performed at the same time as the initial visit.

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